Rooftop Rosé from Côtes de Provence

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Rooftop Rosé - Your Ticket to Southern French Summer Bliss!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Côtes de Provence and experience the pinnacle of French savoir-vivre with Rooftop Rosé. This delightful rosé wine will transport your senses to the sun-drenched vineyards of Provence and originates from the renowned Château Real d’Or in Gonfaron.

Origin and Grape Varieties Rooftop Rosé is born in the picturesque Provence, the heart of Southern France. The careful selection of grape varieties - Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah - imparts this rosé with its unmistakable elegance and finesse.

A Color Like a Mediterranean Sunset Pour yourself a glass of Rooftop Rosé and admire the salmon-pink elegance of this wine. The delicate color is reminiscent of the warm rose-gold hue of a summer sunset over the Mediterranean.

A Bouquet of Flowers and Fruits Upon the first sniff, a seductive bouquet unfolds, captivating your senses. Notes of summer flowers, accompanied by a hint of peach, pear, and acacia, transport you to a fragrant garden amidst the Provence.

The Taste of Southern French Summer One sip, and you'll be transported to Provence. Rooftop Rosé surprises with a round and full-bodied beginning that gently transitions into a finale of juicy peach with a delicate hint of blackberries. A true taste experience that captures summer in every bottle.

Perfect for Sunny Moments Rooftop Rosé is your ideal companion for sunny days and balmy nights. Whether on your rooftop terrace, at a picnic in the park, or paired with Mediterranean dishes, grilled fish, or refreshing summer salads - this rosé wine adds a touch of French flair to every moment.

Conclusion With Rooftop Rosé, you bring the essence of Southern French summer into your glass. Enjoy life and savor the simplicity of being with this elegant rosé wine. Treat your senses and celebrate summer in its most beautiful form - with Rooftop Rosé, your ticket to the joys of Southern French summer!

Customer Reviews

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Michael Mayer
Easy to Drink

Haben den Rosé bei uns im Büro und den ganzen Sommer ging kein After Work auf der Terrasse ohne ihn. Schön und leicht.

Great summerly Rosé

Loved this rosé, with the right amount of acidity. No headaches left!

Toller Rosé

Ich war nie ein Rosé Trinker, ab jetzt trinke ich nur noch Rosé! Sehr leicht und trocken - perfekt für jede Jahreszeit! Außerdem ist das Label sehr schön!

Joel S
One of the best summer wines I found!

Bumped into the wonderful guys at Kollwitz Platz and couldn't resist the offer to have a chilled glass.
Found my favorite new white/rose wine for the summer. Refreshing, with the right balance of a fresh rose taste, without the usual acidity and overcoming/dominant tastes that I find in most Roses.
Immediately took a couple of bottles, that were loved by my friends who also checked out the ticket (the bottle looks great as well).
Will be back for more

Stephan Schmolling
Excellent Summer Wine

Delicious Rose for a sunny summer day. The wine is very light, but fresh and perfect Rose taste. Beautiful label on the bottle as well. Great price! Will certainly be buying more.